About us

The G Jonas team has been since 1998, all in electrical contracting work. Each engineer and consultant is trained to the highest standard and perfrectly qualified for the job in hand. With 10 teams avaialble for dispatch, we aim to provide 24 / 7 cover to all our customers.
The Company was founded by Gavin Jonas in 1998 with nothing more than an electrical screwdriver, good qualifications and a passion to succeed. Years later his team deliver quality again and agin to their customers.
Expect superior service and ongoing communication, the standard for G Jonas work. Our team of experts provide solutions through accutate testing, informed consulting, comprehensive reliable reports and streamlined procedures making every project a success.
We’ve built our reputation on meeting or exceeding customers expectations. You expect experienced people assigned to your project. You expect them to respond with technical expertise and proven experience. You also expect responsiveness to your schedule.


Stay Legal, Stay Safe!

Consequently legislation under, The Electricity at Work Act (1989) requires all electrical installations to be maintained in a safe condition and therefore must be periodically inspected & tested to ensure safety. Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 places a legal responsibility on employers and employees, as duty holders, to endure that electrical systems used at work under their control are safe.

Legal Requirements
To achieve compliance with the legal requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires proof that an electrical system is safe, which involves amongst other things, proper inspection and testing of a system by competent people and the creation and maintenance of records.

With over 10 teams on the road at any one time, we can be sure to be with you exactly when you need us. Each Electrical Technician is fully qualified to provide the consultancy you need to advise on the specifications of the job. Each one has the right qualifications to guarentee a safe, quality job is Completed on time, within budget.

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